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At EcoMech Heating and Air Mechanical of Atlanta, we have properly insulated hundreds of Atlanta homes and got our home owners feeling comfortable again. If you'd like to learn more about spray foam insulation by EcoMech then please contact us direct today.  We are just a quick click away on your smartphone or call us at 678-673-1822

Learn About Spray Foam Insulation and Why it is a GREAT CHOICE for YOUR HOME

What is spray foam insulation?  It’s a polyurethane foam that is pumped into your home to insulate the walls, ceilings, and everywhere else you would expect insulation to be. It will, as a result, keep the heat inside during the cold months and hot air out when it’s warm. 

Can EcoMech remove the existing insulation and will it be a proper seal?

Yes. We can either rake back your existinginsulation to expose roughly 50% of your attic floor surface area or remove it completely from your space within your home oroffice.  By doing this, it will help toensure a proper movement of the natural moisture in your air.

So how much insulation do I need to install and does it loose R-value as it gets thicker? 

No.  R-value is consistent with thickness.  All forms of insulation increase their R-value as it gets thicker for example R3 per inch equals R3 times however many inches you want to install.  However it is important to know as R-value increases, the effectiveness of the insulation begins to level out to a point that no matter how much insulation you install you will never be able to stop 100% of heat gain and heat loss.  See the chart below.  It begins to make sense that spending double to get twice as much insulation in your roof line is not cost effective since it only stops an additional 3% of radiant heat transfer.

When you are ready to proceed with your spray foam insulation job or have questions then give us a call today.  We are just a click away on your smart phone or reach us today by calling 678-673-1822.